6th March 2016 A national paper Mail is running an article on sabs wearing masks and the old tired campaign of the Countryside alliance to get the law changed to stop sabs wearing masks. Sabs do this to protect their identity and thus attacks against themselves, their homes and families. Although this is not universal [...]

Police appeal for information following disorder at legal drag hunt

Date Published: 18/03/2014 16:20 Police from the Eden Neighbourhood Policing Team are appealing for information following a number of alleged incidents at a recent legal drag hunt on Saturday 15th March in the area of Grisedale Beck. A legal drag hunt involves the laying of a scent, usually animal based (fox urine) prior to the [...]

(BEWARE IMAGES ATTACHED) Farmer appalled by hunt as young children witness foxes killed

By Western Morning News | Posted: January 26, 2014 Youngsters watched on as countrymen with dogs unearthed and shot two foxes, in pictures released by anti-hunt campaigners. The images show children thought to be as young as five standing just yards away as the animals are dug from an old badger sett and killed. The [...]