Otis Ferry to pay very substantial damages for attack on two female hunt monitors

POWA Press Release 17th March – Otis Ferry, ‘celebrity’ son of rock star Bryan, pro-hunt activist and Joint Master of the South Shropshire Hunt has, agreed to pay very substantial damages to two female hunt monitors, Mrs. Helen Ghalmi, who is a Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] Associate, and Mrs. Susan Grima, after a 4 [...]

Two complete and utter scum bags found guilty of badger digging

Two bloodthirsty relatives of Britain's youngest police killer face jail for badger baiting JOHN MURRAY and son John jnr got their kicks from watching their hunting dogs tear badgers, cats and foxes to bits. TWO twisted relatives of Britain’s youngest police killer are facing jail after being convicted of badger baiting. Bloodthirsty father and son [...]

Gamekeeper fined for Shropshire bird of prey trap

  A part-time gamekeeper has been ordered to pay more than £500 by a court – after admitting setting an illegal trap in Shropshire designed to harm birds of prey.   Wayne Edward Priday, of Leintwardine, was caught after investigating officers from charity the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds visited a pheasant release [...]

GREAT NEWS – Gloucestershire badger cull to end as targets missed

The badger cull in Gloucestershire is being called off because not enough animals have been killed to meet targets. The licence has been revoked by Natural England and the cull will end at 12:00 GMT on Saturday, a spokesman said. An eight-week extension to the original six-week trial was due to end on 18 December. [...]

Badger baiters snared as they targeted South Staffordshire sett

They were discovered by police lying face down in woodland near badger setts armed with shovels and two dogs. But when they found themselves facing the long arm of the law, the young men denied they were out badger baiting in the South Staffordshire countryside. Claims that were yesterday rejected by magistrates. Jake Berry, aged [...]

Cheshire Forest Hunt whipper-in fined for assaulting female employee

Sexual assault charges dropped on day of trial AN Ollerton farmer has expressed his relief after charges he faced for allegedly sexually assaulting two women were dropped when prosecutors found new evidence. Andrew Callwood, of Manor Farm, Seven Sisters Lane, was due to stand trial at Chester Crown Court on Monday charged with common assault [...]