Another huntsman in court

Fox hunting: Brent Pelham man to appear in court after fox reportedly killed during Boxing Day Puckeridge Hunt

23rd June 2022

The fox was reportedly killed by a dog on December 27 last year

A man will appear in court following reports a fox was killed during the Puckeridge Hunt last year the day after Boxing Day. A 30-year-old man from Brent Pelham has been reported to police for the offence of hunting a wild mammal with a dog.

It follows an extensive investigation carried out by Constabulary’s Rural Operational Support Team (ROST), supported by the East Herts Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team. The man reported to police will appear at Stevenage Magistrates Court on Wednesday, July 13.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “We understand this is an extremely emotive subject and a thorough investigation has been carried out into the incident. The matter will now progress through the court and it is important that it is allowed to do so unimpeded. We urge people not to comment online about the case.”

While trail hunting is legal, participants and their dogs must follow an artificial scent along a pre-determined route. However, under the Hunting Act 2004, setting out to “hunt a wild mammal with dogs” is an offence.

A police investigation into the case was first launched on New Year’s Eve last year. At the time, a police spokesperson said: “Police were called to reports of a fox being killed in woods near Brent Pelham on Monday, 27 December, at around 3.15pm. Officers attended and an investigation is underway.”

2 Replies to “Another huntsman in court”

  1. These evil parasites want locking up, this is the only way teach these murdering filthy scum a lesson if the law was stronger and the was that anybody caught breaking the law hunting will get at least 5 years in prison and NO early release. These garbage have been breaking the law since 2004 yet it still goes on so come on BORIS do something??????????????????????????????????????

    1. These people obviously HAVE mental problems they ARE obsessed with slaughtering innocent animals. They have to be way or another. 😡😡😡

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