The bastard who stabbed a fox with a pitchfork – PLEADS GUILTY

Message from North London Hunt Saboteurs

21st June 2022

Today at Chelmsford Magistrates Paul O’Shea, terrierman for the East Essex Hunt, plead guilty to Animal Welfare Act and Hunting Act charges as a result of covert footage taken by North London Hunt Saboteurs.

Namely that he caused unnecessary suffering to an animal by stabbing it with a pitchfork (Section 4 Animal Welfare Act 2006) and that he unlawfully hunted a fox (Section 1 Hunting Act 2004)

Magistrates deferred sentencing until Monday 1st August pending pre sentence reports.

The chair magistrate warned O’Shea that “you have plead guilty to two serious offences, a custodial sentence is a distinct possibility.”

Charges against his under 18 daughter were dropped.

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2 Replies to “The bastard who stabbed a fox with a pitchfork – PLEADS GUILTY”

  1. This evil bastard had better get a custodial sentence he is a murdering evil scumbag he should go to prison for a very long time and when released he should be tagged for life.

  2. No words can say what I would like to do to the ,obviously mentally disturbed moron.😑😑😑😑

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