New Cheshire huntsman has his charges dropped

20th June 2022

Message from Cheshire Animal Rights Campaigns

The inept CPS have let wildlife down AGAIN by dropping the case against fox killer Ollie Finnegan, who is the new huntsman at the Cheshire Hunt.

He was charged with an offence under the Hunting Act when he was with the Quorn Hunt last season. But at his hearing today at Leicester Magistrates Court, the judge deemed there was no case to answer despite there being evidence gathered the police.

The constant injustice makes anti hunt activists even more determined to stop illegal hunting since the authorities don’t do their job properly.

2 Replies to “New Cheshire huntsman has his charges dropped”

  1. Another case for Leicester magistrates court. Are they fellow hunt supporters, free masons or just golfing buddies? The police and CPS just cannot win against this cabal.

  2. This judge wants sacking no doubt one of the hunters or a supporter, with all the evidence this is just disgraceful, if anybody who is a judge or magistrate and a hunt supporter then they should not be allowed to work in this job as they will always favour the filthy scum that hunt and murder the innocent. DISGUSTING

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