Another hunt supporter pleads guilty to assault

Paul Martin, West Hunt, Madron sentenced for saboteur assault

16th June 2022

A hunt supporter who assaulted a hunt saboteur and smashed his mobile phone has been sentenced at Truro magistrates court.

Paul Martin, 60, of Kennels House, Madron, Penzance, a member of the Western Hunt based at Madron, pleaded guilty to assault by beating and criminal damage when he appeared at Truro Magistrates’ Court on Monday (June 13).

Martin admitted assaulting Jonathan Black by beating him at Sennen on October 16, 2021. For this offence he was given a six month conditional discharge and ordered to pay compensation to Mr Black of £99.99. He was also ordered to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £22 and costs of £135 to the Crown Prosecution Service. His guilty plea was taken into account when imposing sentence.

He also pleaded guilty to damaging a Sony Experia phone worth £99.99 belonging to Mr Black at Sennen on October 16 last year intending to destroy or damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged. He was given a six month conditional discharge for this offence. His guilty plea was also taken into account.

Posting on their Facebook page West Cornwall Hunt Saboteurs said: “In October last year we were attacked for driving in the area where they [Western Hunt] were hunting. On Monday Western Hunt kennel man Paul Martin was convicted for his violent actions and criminal damage. Thanks to D&C police for prosecuting him.”

One Reply to “Another hunt supporter pleads guilty to assault”

  1. This scum should have gone to prison whether he pleaded guilty or not he is a thug and also damaging peoples property. When will these courts start punishing these filthy scum. He should have gone to prison for not less than 5 years for what he did he is as bad as a terrorist. Hope he rots in hell one day.

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