Message from Mendip Hunt Sabs

15th June 2022

On Friday, one of the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt’s terriermen appeared at South Somerset Court where he pleaded GUILTY to all of the following counts.

    • Assault by beating
    • Use of threatening / abusive / insulting words / behaviour to cause harassment / alarm / distress
    • Use of threatening / abusive / insulting words / behaviour with intent to cause fear of / provoke unlawful violence

These offences were committed during Mendip Farmers’ Hunt meets on the 9th October 2021 in Dinder, and 13th November 2021 in Emborough.

The terrierman, who we won’t name as he is 17 years old, was ordered to pay a total of £250 compensation to the three victims, £107 court costs, and received a 6 month referral order.

Getting the scum in front of a judge is thirsty work! Top up our coffee cups here: or donate directly here:



  1. Firstly I would like to say £250 compensation is a laugh it should have been £2.500 at least also just because this scum is 17 why can’t he be named????This needs to be changed it does not matter how old these evil parasites are they are guilty of horendous crimes and should be named no matter how old they are, they also need heavy punishments no matter what age, if they get treated so lightly as to ridiculous fines they will do it again and again. We need heavy sentences for these sort of scum.

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