The bastards

Horse put down after bolting from fox hunt hounds

14th January 2022

A HUNT has “offered its condolences” after its hounds raced on to private land and scared a horse which subsequently had to be put down.

Lisa Line’s horse, Barney, who lived in the Grove Estate, Wormingford, was panicked when about 40 dogs gained access to the land without permission.

The animal, which Lisa had loved for 21 years since it was four-months-old, bolted and ran straight through a gate on the land, breaking its leg.

The family had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Barney put down after he laid in agony on the floor for more than 40 minutes.

Essex and Suffolk Hunt has now admitted it was conducting a hunt in the area at the time and offered its “sincere condolences”.

CCTV footage seen by the Gazette shows the pack of hounds flood the property during the hunt.

Lisa, 40, said: “I got a phone call at about midday explaining there was a truck on the drive and my horse was on the floor and the gate was broken.

“My horse had been laying there for at least 40 minutes in pain on his own. We were not warned a hunt would be going on – if we were, I would’ve got the horses in.

“My little dog is usually running around up there and so is my six-year-old daughter, they could’ve been there and in real danger.

“This is the death of an innocent horse, my family horse which my children have grown up with. It’s disgusting.”

A spokesperson for the Essex and Suffolk Hunt confirmed it was aware of the incident which took place while it hunted in Wormingford.

He said: “Representatives from the hunt immediately assisted with the situation and were deeply sympathetic towards both the landowner and the owner of the injured horse, offering to assist further in any way possible.

“As horse owners ourselves we understand what a difficult time this must be and we offer our sincere condolences to those affected by these unfortunate circumstances.”

3 Replies to “The bastards”

  1. Complete shits.
    They care more for chasing and killing wild animals than ever they do for someone’s animal.
    Bullshit, bullshit, and just more bullshit.

  2. I think these people should HAVING to pay for there crimes . They ARE getting away with doing what ever they like. Make them ACCOUNTABLE for there actions the same as everyone else. Enough is Enough.😡😡😡😡😡😡👎👎👎

  3. I hope the owner of the poor horse is going to sue the pants of these evil bastards. This need to be on the TV NEWS show the whole country what filthy lying nasty parasites these hunt scum are. Breaking the law all the time not a care in the world about peoples pets it is truly an absolute disgrace. I am going to forward this on to my MP and maybe it will get to Boris Johnson unless he is at a party.

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