Poaching equipment seized in Hexham by Northumbria Police and RSPCA

12th January 2022

A HAUL of poaching and hunting equipment has been seized as part of a joint day of action between Northumbria Police and the RSPCA.

Officers from the rural crime team and Alnwick and Hexham NPT, alongside partners from the RSPCA and National Wildlife Crime Unit, executed warrants at two addresses – one of which was in Hexham – after receiving intelligence that people at the properties were believed to be involved in hunting badgers and foxes.

The warrants were executed simultaneously and officers conducted thorough searches of both properties, resulting in a number of electronic devices and animal traps being seized.

Animals living at the property were also given welfare checks by the RSPCA.

The force’s wildlife enforcement officer Peter Baker has welcomed the results of the searches.

He said: “When suspected illegal hunting, by individuals living at these addresses, and after it was brought to our attention by the Naturewatch Foundation, we joined forces with partners and acted.

“As a result, a number of items commonly used by poachers and illegal hunters have been seized while our investigations continue.”

“As a force, we are committed to protecting our area’s wildlife.

“We strongly believe those who mistreat or neglect any animal should be punished and have their day in court.

“We always encourage anyone with any information regarding the suspected mistreatment of wildlife through hunting, poaching or any other means to get in touch and our dedicated teams will investigate.”

If you suspect wildlife crime to be taking place in your area or are worried about the welfare of an animal, contact Northumbria Police on 101 and quote Operation Hawkeye.


One Reply to “Poaching equipment seized in Hexham by Northumbria Police and RSPCA”

  1. Animals at the property given welfare checks???These animals no doubt dogs should have been taken off this scum. because they will do what they have ben doing again and again as filthy murdering bastards like this do not give a toss about the animals they murder or the LAW, they should be locked away in a very secure prison they have no rights to be free to murder again.

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