Hunt supporter pleads guilty to drunk driving

Police find tree crash driver still drinking
Daily Express 2 Jul 2021

A CHAMPION horse rider who ran his car into a tree was found by police at home later that night still drinking, a court heard.

Hayden Hankey was holding a wine glass at his farm estate house in Allostock, Cheshire. Tests showed he was more than twice the alcohol level for driving.

The showjumper and trainer was banned for 18 months and fined £250 at Stockport magistrates court after admitting drink-driving.

Hankey, 41,  of Hole House Farm, Hole Lane, Allostock who has featured in equestrian magazines and was field master for the Cheshire Forest hunt, said that he relies on friends for financial support.

Paul Green, who was prosecuting, had told the court that Hankey’s Mercedes ploughed into a tree near Knutsford. He added: “Police attended his address and found him drinking from a wine glass. His speech was slurred.”

Hojol Uddin, in mitigation, said Hankey was “no longer” married and “is receiving some therapy”.

Hankey – who was told to pay £234 in costs and surcharges – once rode for the late leading trainer David Nicholson but in 2003 switched to selling showjumping and event horses.

He won awards at the Horse of the Year Show.

In a magazine interview published just three days after his arrest, he said the pandemic had been “mega-frustrating” and added: “When you put everything into perspective, we just have to consider ourselves lucky to have all stayed safe for this long.

“I don’t think we had quite anticipated it being such a long break. All the horses still needed looking after. We were lucky to get a couple of runs in.”

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