Hunt club charged with allowing hounds to attack man and kill cat

20th July 2021

A Co Down hunt club and two of its office holders have been charged with offences arising from the hound pack allegedly attacking a person and a cat.

Although none of the defendants appeared at Lisburn Magistrates Court today, Iveagh Hunt Club and office holders Gareth Black and Alexander Mills were charged with two offences on 25 November last year.

Iveagh Hunt Club, of Seapatrick Road in Banbridge, Mr Black, from the Shanrod Road also in Banbridge and Mr Mills, from the Mullanary Road in Dungannon, were all charged with allowing a “number of foxhound type dogs kept and in their charge” to attack and kill a cat called Jessie on the Dromora Road in Hillsborough and to attack a man at Edentrillick Hill, also in Hillsborough.

Defence solicitor Paul Brown said he was appearing for all three “with the caveat” that he was not sure whether Iveagh Hunt Club “is a proper entity for the purposes of criminal culpability.”

A prosecuting lawyer revealed there was due to be a fourth defendant listed but Mr Brown suggested that “knowing something of the background,” the summons may not have been properly served.

Deputy District Judge Liam McStay adjourned the case to August 17.

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