Ex huntsman pleads guilty to assault of two sabs

28th June 2021

From Herefordshire Hunt Sabs


Today Garry Williams ex huntsman of the Ross Harriers changed his plea to guilty on two counts of assault with beating against two of our sabs.

Violence against sabs is never acceptable and runs the risk of causing serious injury or death. Today’s guilty verdict is the only one that could have been reached as we had provided damning video footage of the incident. We were pleased to learn that Williams lost his position at the Harriers as a result and has retired from hunting.

Williams was represented by a brief instructed by Clive Rees, the hunting fraternity’s go to defence solicitor. His defence costs will almost certainly have been covered by AXA Insurance, as part of a policy provided by them to the MFHA and AMHB, to cover court costs incurred by hunt staff.

Apparently Williams based his initial not guilty plea intending to plead insanity due to a head injury from a fall earlier in the day. If accepted this defence would have spared him £740 in fines, costs and compensation but seen him consigned to an institution.

That this case came to trial when he was so obviously guilty, wasting five hours allocated court time (the matter was dealt with in less than an hour), while courts are suffering a huge backlog of cases due to covid restrictions, is a prime example of the arrogance and entitlement of the criminal hunting fraternity.

We currently have some maintenance costs to get our vehicle ready for the coming hunting season and the badger cull. Any donations really help and are much appreciated 

One Reply to “Ex huntsman pleads guilty to assault of two sabs”

  1. He needs the book throwing at him depends on the judge how corrupt and in with the hunts he IS. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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