Message from Peterborough Hunt Sabs

Hunt thug guilty on multiple charges

24th June 2021

Today at Leicester Magistrates court, part time scaffolder and full time hunt thug Andrew Kean pleaded guilty to four different offences after he caused a collision between his quad bike and a Peterborough Hunt Sabs vehicle at a meet of the Fernie Hunt in February 2020.

Kean, aged 47, was driving his uninsured quad bike whilst disqualified, in a dangerous manner while attempting to provide stewarding (aka harassment) services to the Fernie Hunt when he overtook a hunt sab vehicle at high speed and then immediately performed an emergency stop. This caused a collision after which he proceeded to act in an angry and threatening manner.

As our vehicles are permanently recording both forward and rear facing video, it was a simple matter to report and the CPS had no difficulty prosecuting, even though Kean failed to show up for his first court hearing last year.

He received a £1,000 fine plus court costs, and a further driving ban for his troubles.

Previous conviction from 2018 –  Kean was convicted of Stalking & Harrassment (S4, fear of violence) after visiting a hunt sabs house and threatening to kill them in front of their young child.

On October 26th 2019, at the Fernie’s opening meet, Kean again threatened to visit a hunt sabs house, quoting the name of her village in an attempt to seem more threatening.

He is seen in this video, wearing a needless full face balaclava. His voice, demeanour, teeth and car are well known to hunt sabs. Oddly he believes we have the police in our pocket…

Both the Fitzwilliam and the Pytchley have recently banned members from their hunts after violence towards members of North Cambs Sabs, and we suggest Phillip Cowen and Wilbur Hanson, master and huntsman respectively of the Fernie, ought to urgently consider whether Kean is indeed welcome to attend their hunt.

Watch the video here

One Reply to “Guilty”

  1. This piece of garbage wants locking up he obviously does not take any notice of the law and the fact he didn’t even turn up at court at one point shows what sort of scum he is lock these evil bastards up for a very long time or tag them permanently. The fact he has been threatening people should give him a prison sentence in my opinion. Mind you scum like this act very brave to show off underneath they are just cowardly evil bastards than can only pick on innocent animals like the rest of that filth.

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