Hunters allowed to shoot extinction-threatened turtle doves

24th may 2021

From Channel 4 News

A red alert for our planet: there are no second chances. The warnings from world leaders in the run-up to the UN’s COP26 climate conference could hardly be starker. Yet even the simplest act of conservation seems impossible to achieve.

Turtle doves are on the brink of extinction, but some European countries seem unwilling to stop shooting them.

One Reply to “Hunters allowed to shoot extinction-threatened turtle doves”

  1. This is just disgracefull and should be stopped, what the hell is the matter with some people they are just not happy unless they are murdering some innocent animal that has done no harm what so ever. What harm do these lovely little birds do????????????????????Is this because the hunting season has ended and this filthy murdering scum that hunt are out of work at the moment????????????????????IF I HAD MY WAY I WOULD BAN GUNS WORLD WIDE they are evil things as are the scum that use therm.

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