Gardaí hunt men who used pregnant cat to ‘blood’ two hunting dogs

20th May 2021

Gardaí are hunting two men after they used a pregnant cat to horrifically ‘blood’ two hunting dogs.

The cat was torn apart by the two dogs – and its kittens literally ripped out of its womb.

Animal welfare charity, My Lovely Horse, described the vile attack in Cork as one of the most upsetting they had ever been notified of.

Two men were seen releasing the heavily pregnant cat from a cage to be immediately attacked by a German Shepherd and a greyhound/lurcher type dog around 11pm last Tuesday evening. A car was seen parked nearby.

The incident took place in a field not far from local housing estates in Knocknaheeny.

Both men apparently looked on while the cat was mauled to death – and had lamps to illuminate the attack.

Four of the kittens died at the scene but one tiny kitten miraculously survived after some brave local teens raised the alarm over what was happening in the field on Tuesday evening.

My Lovely Horse official Orla Donoghue told RedFM they were shocked by the vile nature of the incident.

“They apparently call it sport – a bit of fun,” she said in disgust.

Orla said it had been a very challenging week for those in Ireland who love animals what with the Internet craze of children buying ducklings and then teens seen walking baby goats around Dublin streets.

She paid tribute to the Cork teens who raised the alarm over the incident and then rescued the tiny cat which has so far survived.

“They called it Brun which means ‘strong’. The kitten is still hanging in there though the vet warned us that, because if it’s very young age, the odds are against it.”

Gardaí were at the scene within minutes on Tuesday evening but found no trace of the two men.

However, the bodies of four tiny kittens were recovered.

There was no trace remaining of the mother cat.

Orla said the incident was one of the most horrific they have ever come across and paid tribute to the teens who raised the alarm.

She said gardaí and animal welfare officials are now appealing for anyone who may have information on the attack or those who were involved in it to notify the authorities.

The sick process of ‘blooding’ involves a smaller animal such as a cat, rabbit or even terrier type dog being attacked by larger dogs to improve their hunting or fighting sense.

It is also used to train dogs for ‘lamping’ – a process where smaller animals are hunted by night with lights.


  1. OMG what evil sadistic bastards these are and a great danger to animals they must be found and put away they are murdering scum. There must be strong laws to deal with this sort of filth bring back the birch if they did I would apply for the job, it would give me great satisfaction to knock hell out of this sort of murdering scum. How anybody in their right mind could torture an animal like this and a pregnant one at that they are truly extremely evil people I hope they are caught and dealt with. If not I really hope something really horrible and painfull happens to them.

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