From Sheffield Hunt Sabs

19th May 2021

Many of you will remember the brown nosing idiot, who thought it would be a good idea to smash a dead fox against our van in order to impress his Masters at the Badsworth Hunt on Boxing Day 2019.

At the time many bloodsports fanatics claimed it was a set up by sabs to give the hunt a bad name whilst the hunt quickly attempted to deny that the perpetrator had anything to do with them. Thankfully our supporters eventually identified the tosser as Robert Neville, who has just been sentenced for the offences of ‘criminal damage’ and an ‘act of outraging public decency’. Which just goes to show that Robert and good ideas aren’t regular bedfellows.

We can only assume, until informed otherwise, that he changed his plea to guilty when he realised that the Badsworth Hunt, AXA Insurance, The Countryside Alliance etc told him to stand on his own two feet. He is after all only some unemployed cap doffing minion who is past his use by date.
His sentence in total is £460 in fines, costs and compensation and 360 hours of unpaid work to be completed by 30/3/22.

His fines etc are to be deducted from his benefits, oh the sweet irony of the hunt scum using unemployed yobs in an attempt to bully the very sabs that they claim don’t have jobs!!!! Doubled with the fact that it looks like poor Robert’s first taste of a honest days work is going to be done for no pay 🙂.

So remember this all you potential hunt boot licking serfs. Whilst the hunt may secretly pay your fines, they can’t do your community service or your jail sentence.

And remember this all you hunts, a few hundred pounds in fines may be nothing to you to pay a few idiots to bully sabs, but it will not deter us and it risks your hunt and by association all the others into the national media spotlight.

PS. It has been brought to our attention that it looks like we are having a go at unemployed people, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are attacking the hypocrisy of the bloodsports scum who use unemployment as an insult whilst either being unemployed themselves or being happy to use unemployed people as their serfs.

Coming soon – Whatever happened to Luke Saddington from the Grove and Rufford Hunt?

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