Update on injured hunt sab

Message from Manchester Hunt Sabs

2nd May 2021

This morning a couple of us have been out to check on some local setts, including the one targeted by badger baiters earlier this week.

We have been setting up trail cams in order to keep tabs on the local wildlife, and ensure that nobody is tampering with the setts.

“All the messages and comments have meant so much to me, thank you!

The solidarity within the animal rights and sab community, and within my group Manchester Hunt Sabs, has blown me away.

I’m healing up slowly and will make a full recovery with some scarring, but rather me than the beautiful harmless badgers. How anybody could ever want to hurt them is beyond me, they just want to live in peace.

I feel that I can’t rest as there is still so much to do out there, with the constant persecution of our precious wildlife. Every day somebody is either badger baiting, fox baiting, hare coursing, bird shooting, laying traps, otter-mink-deer-fox hunting, and the great TB lie of the badger cull…. it never stops.

Hunt Saboteurs get some bad press, and a lot of lies are told about us, but we are all non-violent, animal lovers, who use direct action to save wildlife, defending those that can’t defend themselves .

Please support your local sab groups “.

If you would like to support our actions, you can donate here: ko-fi.com/manchesterhuntsabs

One Reply to “Update on injured hunt sab”

  1. will be sending a donation in appreciation of what you all do including as in this case putting your life on the line to defend our precious wildlife – thankyou all so much

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