Anybody know these evil bratts???

Swan killed and two others seriously injured at Rhyl lagoon

3rd May 2021

North Wales Police are appealing for information over the ‘appalling incident of cruelty’

A swan has been killed and two others have been seriously injured in an ‘appalling incident of cruelty’ in Rhyl.

The incident happened at a lagoon at Rhyl Golf Club last night Sunday, May 3.

Police say were made aware of the incident shortly before 8am today after CCTV footage showed two young males (see image) at the location at around 8pm on Sunday.

The injured swans are being cared for at a local veterinary surgery.

Inspector Chris Jolley said: “This is an appalling incident of cruelty. We are working directly with the RSPCA and urge anyone who may be able to assist with our ongoing investigation to come forward.

“We are aware of footage that is currently circulating social media and would urge anybody who may have information, or who may be able to identify the two males, to contact us immediately via the live chat on the force website or via 101, quoting reference number Z061031.”

UPDATE – 3rd May 2021 (5.00pm)

One Reply to “Anybody know these evil bratts???”

  1. When they get these two evil pieces of shit they need to be punished to the highest degree personally I would hang the bastards for youngsters like these to do such wicked crime like this means they are pure evil and will soon be starting on humans so lock the filth up for good.

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