Two men with terrier type dogs spotted badger baiting in Frodsham area

17th March 2021

POLICE are appealing for information following an incident of badger baiting in the Frodsham area.

Two men, aged in their 20s and with terrier type dogs, were seen interfering with the sett at around 11.30pm on Sunday, March 14.

Officers visited the site yesterday – along with the RSPCA – to obtain evidence as part of their investigation.

They are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

PC Tether posted on the Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team Facebook page: “I am currently investigating reports of a wildlife crime, in this case, badger baiting.

“The incident occurred in the Frodsham area on the 14th March 2021, during late evening, around 11:30pm.

“Unfortunately, it appears the badger sett had been interfered with, with signs of disturbance around the chambers.

“Today I visited the site with PC Smith, and our partners the RSPCA, to obtain evidence and follow up lines of enquiry.

“Two males were seen interfering with the sett, both aged in there 20s.

“One is described as short, fair haired, of slim build with a Lancashire accent. Both men had terrier type dogs with them, which were seen interfering with the sett.

“If you have any relevant information to assist with this investigation, please contact Cheshire Police via 101 quoting IML-938685 or contact Crimestoppers”

2 Replies to “Two men with terrier type dogs spotted badger baiting in Frodsham area”

  1. when i saw suspicious activity nr a big ccountry park nearby i went to police straight away who fortunately lived nearby. he got in his van and went to investigate – this was daylight and men from liverpool said out rabbitting – 30 miles from home? the witness in frodsham really should have contacted police or wirral and cheshire badger group immediately

  2. I hope this scum are found and punished these sort of filth are the scum of the earth and need dealing with. We need some very strong laws to deal with this sort of disgraceful behaviour 10 years in jail a heafty fine and when released tagged and made to do unpaid work for a year and no benefits.

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