Hunt saboteurs release video of ‘fox being torn apart’

Hunt saboteurs have released a video which appears to show a fox being killed by hounds during a meet at Arlescote last Wednesday (October 28).

2nd November 2020

The saboteurs’ film appears to show them following the Warwickshire hunt as hounds chase the fox across a field and towards a road. The animal appears to be caught in a copse alongside the road but the saboteurs are unable to reach the fox before it is killed.

They then pick up the dead animal and follow the huntsmen as they leave, holding the corpse up to show the riders as they go.

Warwickshire Hunt has been asked by the Banbury Guardian for a comment in response to the claims by the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs group. However after several requests no direct comment has been given. The hunt did say, however, that it had complained to police about a threatening tweet from someone purporting to be a supporter of the saboteurs.

The spokesman said there had been two recent convictions of hunt saboteurs associated with the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs and they hoped this latest action from the that group ‘doesn’t result in further violence on their part’.

The saboteurs issued a press release after the incident: in which they said “On Wednesday, October 28 the Warwickshire Hunt met at 8am at Glen Farm, Arlescote, Warwickshire for its final cub hunting meet before the main hunting season starts. The main hunting season (was) due to officially start on the November 1 and the Warwickshire Hunt (was) due to have it’s opening meet on Saturday, October 30.

“West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were present and witnessed a fox running from the hunt towards the road. Hounds were seen running after it and then killing it not far from the road. Saboteurs retrieved the body. Warwickshire Police are investigating.”

A spokesperson for West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: “To put things in perspective, most of us are making difficult sacrifices, worrying about the future, our jobs, our loved ones. Most of us can’t see our family. Some are facing local lockdowns. Yet there is a small privileged minority who have received government grants to allow them to have large gatherings of over 70, with no social distancing and no facemasks. All so they can get their kicks out of watching a small animal get torn apart by a pack of hounds.

“This fox stood no chance. It ran towards the road, was turned back by riders near the road and got trapped trying to jump a fence where it was killed and torn apart by the pack of hounds. The huntsman tried to retrieve the body but ran off and jumped back on his horse once he realised saboteurs were approaching.

“As if this wasn’t bad enough there were children present who may have witnessed this graphic violence. We would seriously question any parent who takes their child to a fox hunt and where there is a risk of exposing them to such brutal scenes. Who knows what psychological damage this will have caused them.”

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