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Thursday was a frustrating and distressing day for us. We are clearly starting to rattle this hunt as they are becoming increasingly more aggressive and short-tempered with us – and with sabs having been with them almost every day they have left the kennels they are DESPERATE for a kill. Well, this time they got what they wanted, but perhaps not in the way they hoped for.

The hunt met at Second Common Lane near Selby, which is right next to a primary school of all places.

After setting off from the meet they sent the hounds through beet fields where they first flushed a deer which thankfully made it to safety – the hounds were also in cry but called off by whipper-in Mark Poskitt, who got a verbal pat on the back from huntsman David Elliot.

Shortly after this our sabs found an illegal Mk4 Fenn Trap set to kill – not wanting any wildlife to be injured by it, and knowing that it should not be in use our sabs disabled the trap and started moving it towards the road so that it could be handed to police.

At this point, Mark Poskitt arrived and accused sabs of theft, despite us clearly telling him that we were handing the trap top the police and therefore not stealing it – and that it should not be there in the first place. Poskitt not feeling very brave on his own quickly got on his phone and called in the terrier men for backup. Once they arrived he felt like billy big bollocks all of a sudden and snatched a citronella spray from our sab and breaking it in the process. Not wanting to get caught up in a confrontation the sab decided it was best to chuck the fenn trap the hedge and get back to following the hounds – here’s hoping the trap is not used again.

Having had no luck in the beet fields, David Elliot sent his hounds through some woodland, whilst his sister Georgina who was following on foot today stood at the edge of the woods tapping her whip against her leg in order to make sure any animals were scared back in towards the hounds. Fortunately, the woods were a bust for them and they moved south into a field where they managed to flush out and chase two hares, this time sabs managed to intervene and rate the hounds back – with the help of Georgina, she’d make a good sab if she switched sides.

During this chaotic moment, the hunt darted away from us to the north towards the road, and by the time we caught up with them, we could see that they had managed to kill a fox. Poskitt was desperately trying to hide the evidence but as you can see from the footage it was clear as day what had just happened. Poskitt was covered in blood and it took him a long time to get the carcass into a bin bag to be spirited away by another rider.

It was clear from their faces that they were concerned about the fact we had just witnessed that shoddy attempt at hiding the evidence, and anyone else would probably have called it a day there and then but not this lot, they immediately carried on north and continued to push the hounds through fields of crops knowing full well that there was likely to be more Foxes hidden in there.

The next hour saw them heading east and scaring up more hares and another deer who were all seen to safety – then came the second fox kill of the day, almost exactly an hour after the first. The hounds were being cast through another beet field – we had sabs approaching them from three directions when we heard the hounds go in to cry briefly and then stop. Poskitt immediately jumped from his horse and was wrestling the body of another fox from the hounds. It is incredibly upsetting to be so close to a kill but be powerless to stop it. The hunt will likely claim it was an accident and that the hounds happened upon a fox by mistake – but if you cast your hounds through crops where you know there to be wild foxes what do you expect to happen? We all know why they were there that day – their only “mistake” was letting it happen in front of sabs cameras.

The hunt were clearly panicked at the thought of us getting yet another kill on camera and frantically tried to conceal the evidence. Poskitt was off his horse gathering up the body when Elliot rode in to assist. Poskitt attempted to pass the body to Elliot and in doing so spooked Elliots horse. This resulted in the horse kicking Poskitt and throwing Elliot to the floor causing him to lose grip on the body of the fox. Our sabs scrambled in to action to retrieve the body whilst joint hunt master Willie Dixon rode his horse aggressively at them in a futile attempt at stopping them.

Both Elliots and Poskitts horses bolted and were later seen by locals running down a busy road with no rider – we sincerely hope they were both recovered safely and without injury.

There have been numerous accusations thrown at us, both by hunt members on the day, and by their supporters online that we spooked the horses (and in one accusation that we dragged Elliot off his horse). We think it is pretty clear from the footage who was at fault here. In their desperate and panicked attempts to cover up their crimes they endangered their own lives, the lives of their horses, and the lives of anyone in the path of two panicked and riderless horses.

At this point their day was over, the hounds were left to riot whilst Elliot and Poskitt chased after their horses – and finally, they scarpered back to the meet on quad bikes.

This is the reality of trail hunting in the UK. There was no trail laid through fields of crops on this day, the hounds were at no point seen following anything resembling a trail. Hunts like the York & Ainsty South/Badsworth & Bramham Moor are nothing more than organised criminal gangs utilising loopholes in the current legislation to get away with murder. Literally.

Rest assured we will not let these deaths slow us down, we will continue to apply pressure to these hunts and save as many lives as we can.

In the meantime, if you are local to Selby, you may wish to know that your local vegetable farmers are fox hunting psychopaths:

Thank you to everyone that has sent us donations, or kind words over the past few days. It really does help.

To David Elliot & Mark Poskitt. We’ll be seeing you in the field.

Hunt sabotage can be an expensive business, you can support our efforts by donating using the below links:

Manchester Hunt Sabs:
York Anti-Hunt League:
West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs:

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