The industry of badger culling

This six minute video shows the individuals and cold hearted methods behind the operations of the badger cull, expertly filmed by Derbyshire Against the Cull.

Early on in the Derbyshire cull, attention was drawn to a stone barn in Alport. A small village and popular walkers destination between Bakewell and Youlgreave. The makeshift door to the rundown barn is locked with a heavy duty combination padlock. The barn is surrounded by camping and caravan sites, but at all hours of the day and night, local badger killers use this barn to deposit their callous work. Dead badgers in plastic bags are brought here, to be locked away until they are collected for incineration.

The barn is situated on land owned by Keith Harrop, local farmer and cull organiser. Keith has been collating sett maps of the local area for a number of years, to ensure that badger killers can work efficiently. Mr Harrop is a frequent visitor to the body store, seemingly carrying out his own killing, as well as helping with the killing on his neighbours’ land.

Badgers killed in the cull are classed as ‘hazardous waste’ and efforts must be made to ensure any disease will not be spread when carcasses are transported. DEFRA guidance states that body stores must not be easily accessible to wildlife and ‘vermin’ and EU regulations state body stores must not be on farmland. Consider the large, open window to the barn, which is situated in a sheep field, surely this barn is in breach of both of these regulations?

Badger bodies, in plastic bags are collected daily, thrown in the back of a van, and taken for incineration. This is the brutal reality that DEFRA and the NFU have tried so hard to hide from us, the British public.

Badgers, an iconic, native species, are being killed in their hundreds each day across England. Derbyshire hosts the country’s flagship badger vaccination programme, yet this atrocity is still happening.

One Reply to “The industry of badger culling”

  1. What I feel about the badger cull would take to long so all I shall say is this should NOT be happening badgers do NOT spread TB look at the dairy farm industry and the filthy intensive way they work???AS FOR DEFRA AND THE NFU THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED. I shall be emailing boith about this.

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