Global Pandemic – yet still people want to go out killing wildlife

Message from Norwich Hunt Saboteurs

Photo courtesy of SES – Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs

Eastern Counties Mink hounds, Waples Mill, River Roding, 18th July 2020

Someone in this area really doesn’t like people who kill otters and mink, so for the second year in a row we were tipped off that Eastern Counties Mink hounds would be hunting here.

We joined up with SES – Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs and Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs to sab them.

A fine day for us, a bad one for the hunt. We located them 200m up river from the meet with hounds in the water. Upon being found huntsman Paul Smith rounded up the hounds, joined up with his whipper-in and loaded the hounds back into a cramped Land Rover and headed back to the kennels.

Bit disappointing that Paul wasn’t in his Bilbo Baggins outfit today, but maybe next time?

With a little effort on the part of sabs today, the known otter population on this part of the Roding were safe from ‘Paul and the OAPs’. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without info from the public, so if you ever hear word of a hunt in your area, please let us or the HSA hotline know.

To help us cover petrol costs from today please consider donating whatever you can at

One Reply to “Global Pandemic – yet still people want to go out killing wildlife”

  1. What is it about humans that they have to slaughter anything that can not defend themselves. ? Nothing would now surprise me what and how LOW human beings can go to. We are a DISGUSTING species. 😡😡👹👹👿👿👎👎

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