SUCCESS!!! 3 up on quad bikes is NOT legal!!

Message from Cheshire Against the Cull

Let’s rewind to 9th January, 2020 at the Wynnstay Hunt.

Badger Protectors went to check setts which are known to be blocked regularly when the Wynnstay hunt are in the area. They then joined up with other anti hunt groups to monitor the hunt. This is where they witnessed a quad being driven 3 up on a main road.

Dashcam footage and photographic evidence was uploaded to the police and the following response came back ;

“On this occasion we will not be proceeding with any formal action against any parties involved. I have looked into the points you have raised and am happy that the vehicle is insured, is the correct vehicle for that vrm, and that Mr CONNOLLY was using an agricultural vehicle to carry passengers a short distance.” – Note that they state evidence should be uploaded, which it actually was!

This was not good enough for our badger protector, the hunts get away with breaking the law often enough and this time the public was put in danger!!
So they pressed on with their case.

An official complaint was made by our badger protector which was passed to a Sgt at HQ Roads Policing Investigation SCIU, who totally agreed that this was illegal.

A statement was given and paperwork issued to Mr Connolly.

At the beginning of March this year, a summons file was raised for the driver/rider of the quad bike that footage/photographic evidence was submitted for.

The case was due to be heard at North Cheshire Magistrates Court Warrington on Wednesday 15th April 2020 for the offence of using a motor vehicle on a road with the load/passengers likely to cause danger. This case was moved to 17th June due to the Coronavirus.

** Today we have been informed that Paul Connolly pleaded guilty and was given 3 Penalty points, a £30 fine, to pay £100 court costs and £32 victim surcharge. **

We would like to thank the Sgt at the Roads Policing Investigation team for the time he spent on this case, as this is not their normal type of road policing. And also for their support during this case too!

Seeing terrier men and hunt support 3 up on a quad is incredibly common to see at all of the hunt meets in Cheshire, and it is NOT legal for them to be on the road! And it was the Cheshire Police Rural Crime Teams job to investigate this, which they failed to do.

We hope that next season we see more prosecutions under CU50 (if you caused or were judged likely to have caused danger by reason of load or passengers)

🦡 Our badger protectors can travel many miles checking badger setts when hunts are out, and during the upcoming cull too. Please support by buying a Kofi to enable us to buy more equipment, or make a donation to 🦡

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