Message from Sheffield Hunt Sabs

From Sheffield Hunt Sabs Facebook page

Though there is no official hunting taking place at the moment things are still happening as a result of previous outings. The wheels of justice, when they do turn, seem to turn at glacial pace.

Luke (sadbastard) Saddington, the Grove and Rufford Hunt bootlicker who intentionally rammed two sab vehicles at a hunt meet back in March 2019 has had his sentencing date moved again. He will now be sentenced in November after a trial for non hunting offences. Though he was masked up and had removed the number plates from his vehicle, he couldn’t resist flicking the fingers at us as he drove away, allowing us to catch a quite distinctive hand tattoo on film. A falafel short of a picnic is poor Sadbastard.

We wonder if the G&R huntsman Paul Larby will visit him if as looks likely, he gets a custodial sentence. Or will he just get abandoned to his fate by his masters?

Robert Nevill, brown noser to the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt, will appear at York Magistrates Court on August 13th charged with ‘Outraging public decency’, an offence that carries unlimited sentencing. Nevill, you may remember, is the ringleader of a little group of nobodies who blocked us in on Boxing Day last year and made national headlines for smashing a dead fox against our vehicle, whilst trying to cover his face with his tattooed hand. Are you starting to see a pattern of stupidity here?

Maybe Willie Dixon, who was huntsman that day, will also be having to visit a friend who lost their freedom defending his sick pastime.

Any other low lifes reading this and hoping get their 15 minutes of fame as predicted by Andy Warhol, should remember, that as soon as you’ve done your master’s bidding you will be thrown under the proverbial bus by them.

Finally we have another ‘incident’ involving Paul Larby and the Grove and Rufford. In January this year Larby, with the air of someone who thinks the law doesn’t apply to him (what would give him that idea?) took the full pack of hounds onto an active railway line. He proceeded to encourage the hounds to search the embankment knowing sabs were filming and right next to signs saying it was illegal to trespass on the track.

British Transport Police have now sent us the following message. ‘I am pleased to inform you that a positive prosecution has been made’.
We have put in a FOI request to find out what the punishment was.

The lockdown has hit our fundraising this year so if you would like to help us financially, you can do so via this linkĀ

Thank you all our wonderful supporters, much of the above wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Stay safe x

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