From Manchester Hunt Sabs

On 16/03/2019 supporters of the Grove & Rufford Hunt rammed the vehicles of Manchester and Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs writing one vehicle off and causing about £2k worth of damage to the other.

At the time we had no idea who these thugs were, and they were driving without license plates. The driver, however, was not clever enough to hide his tattooed hands, and only masked up after he has already made contact with our vehicle – meaning we had his face on camera.

Within 24 hours of our video going up online, members of the Grove & Rufford Hunt were falling over each other in an attempt to throw the driver under the bus.

We received multiple tip-offs that the driver was local scumbag Luke Saddington. Hunt Supporters were very quick to try and distance themself from Luke stating that he was nothing to do with them, but as he was seen driving in and out of the meet all morning we find that hard to believe.

In the months since this attack, the Grove & Rufford have yet again proved they like to employ thugs to do their dirty work as Sheffield & West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs vehicles were attacked with hammers

We had kept Luke Saddingtons details off our page up until now so as not to negatively impact any prosecution, but last month he pleaded GUILTY to Dangerous Driving, and Criminal Damage To Motor Vehicles. He’s probably not feeling so cocky now!

He is due to be sentenced at the end of this month.

We’d like to thank all of our supporters for donating towards the replacement vehicle we have put to good use this season and with our numbers growing we may even be looking to purchase a second one next season.

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