Silverton Hunt terriermen attack sabs

Message from Devon County Hunt Saboteurs

15th March 2020


Yesterday the Silverton Hunt met at the Upton Pyne Equestrian Centre and spent the morning hunting the Upton Pyne shooting estate on the edge of Exeter. Sabs witnessed some very blatant illegal hunting from huntsman Chris Matterface, but the fox got away thanks to sabs. By 1.30pm the hunt had had enough. They left the shooting estate and headed north towards Raddon Hills with sabs in tow.

Our Land Rover crew were parked on the road near Starved Oak Cross, waiting to see what the hunt’s next move would be, when terriermen attacked the vehicle and one of them (Matt Welham) broke the passenger side window of our Land Rover with such force he ended up with cuts all over his hands.

Moments later two sabs were walking up the road when they were confronted by Welham and other Silverton Hunt thugs and were viciously attacked. One sab was kneed hard in the groin and the thugs piled on top of him throwing punches and trying to steal his body camera. The other sab was also attacked and was robbed of his possessions. His hunting horn was snapped in half and his phone and radio were taken. We managed to retrieve the radio but Matt Welham walked off with the phone. He can be clearly shown in the video picking the phone up off the ground and taking it away.

Fortunately, we have many camera angles on this incident, some of which are shown in our video. Police attended and the footage is being shared with them. One of the sabs attended hospital for his injuries.

Please ask police what they plan to do about this:

Devon & Cornwall Police – Yet another serious assault on sabs. Does someone have to be killed before you take action??

This violence was completely out-of-the-blue and unprovoked. Unable to get their blood fix for the day by terrorising innocent wildlife, the terriermen had snapped and decided to let their frustration out on sabs instead. The hunt should know from their previous experience with us that this kind of violence doesn’t deter us and only guarantees them a lot more attention.

They can now return the stolen phone or reap the consequences of their actions.

We have several more weeks of the season left. We now have another Land Rover window and other equipment to replace. If you support what we do, please consider donating to our fuel and equipment fund:

For queries or information, please contact us via Facebook, email ( or phone 07717 473305.

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