Couple who captured video of hounds mauling deer on hunt feel ‘threatened’ after dead badger left on drive

6th March 2020

Two pensioners who shared shocking footage of hunting hounds mauling a deer say they feel threatened after a dead badger appeared on their property.

Margaret Langran, 68, said the bloody body of a badger was left on her driveway just one day after she shared a video of a hunt to this newspaper.

Mrs Langran, a hunt monitor from Geldeston, captured horrific footage of the moment hunting hounds from the Waveney Harriers chased and mauled a muntjac deer for more than a minute in Frostenden.

It is against the law for hunters to pursue any mammal with the use of more than two hounds, though the Waveney Harriers claim they were on a legal scent hunt before their dogs became distracted by saboteurs.

The group has firmly denied having any involvement with the dead badger on Mrs Langran’s doorstep.

She said: “It happened the day after the Eastern Daily Press published the story [Thursday, February 27].

“I don’t know who did it and can’t blame anyone but it must be a bloodsport enthusiast. They are trying to threaten us.”

It is not the first time that Mrs Langran and her husband, Joe, have faced similar incidents.

“In the past we have had foxes laid in our drive, the body parts of hares, and rotten eggs thrown over my car,” Mrs Langran said.

However the pensioners said they won’t let this deter their efforts to monitor hunts and expose illegal practice.

She said: “It is nasty and people should know better. But we certainly won’t let it intimidate us as otherwise we would have finished our monitoring long ago.

“It just makes us stronger. There is no excuse for hunting, and I would urge anyone reading this to come out with us [monitoring] and see what is really involved in a hunt.”

Chris McDaniel, an organiser of the Waveney Harrier hunts, said the incident was nothing to do with the group.

“There is no way we would do anything like that,” he said.

“We would totally condemn that, it’s disgusting. I think even Margaret would agree we wouldn’t do something like that.”

One Reply to “Couple who captured video of hounds mauling deer on hunt feel ‘threatened’ after dead badger left on drive”

  1. This just shows what evil murdering thugs this scum are not only have they murdered an innocent beautiful deer but a badger as well just to frighten pensioners. They really are the scum of the earth and need dealing with very strongly. They break the law ALL the time they are disgusting filthy SCUM.

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