Sabs doing what sabs do best – saving lives

Message from Glasgow Hunt Sabs

Illegal dig out- Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Foxhounds– 08/02/20

This was an active badger set a fox had gone to ground in. Other sabs continued with the hunt while some from Glasgow and some from Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs defended the earth and were stomped on and thrown for our efforts. Police were called by the hunt, who at first were threatening to charge us with aggravated trespass. We stood our ground explaining over and over that it was an active badger sett and therefore illegal to dig out. Eventually, through our stubbornness, the wildlife officer arrived on the scene and confirmed it was likely the sett of a badger. 4 hours later and the terriermen had no choice but to leave. Pretty exhausting but job done 💚

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