Men found guilty of illegal deer hunting near Haxey

North Lincolnshire
20 Jan 2020

On Christmas Eve last year two men were detained by officers as they were found coming off private farm land with lurcher type dogs at East Lound near Haxey in North Lincolnshire.

We had received a number of reports of two men using dogs to pursue a group of Roe deer in the area and were out looking for men matching the descriptions given.

The body of a freshly killed male Roe deer was discovered nearby. Further evidence was gathered and the injuries found on the deer were consistent with it having being killed by dogs.

The men, 24 year-old Scott Hayes of Blakewood Drive, Blaxton near Doncaster and 28 year-old Christopher Darwin of Laycock Avenue, Doncaster both appeared at Grimsby Magistrates Court last week charged with poaching offences under Section 1 of the Deer Act 1991

Both men were found guilty and were sentenced to a one-year Community Order, 300 hours of unpaid work, £350 court costs, £85 victim surcharge and a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

Speaking after sentencing Chief Inspector Paul Butler said, “This court result should send out a very clear message to those who commit wildlife offences that we take these offences seriously and will seek other sanctions available to the courts.

“The obtaining of CBOs in this case provides other police forces with a straight forward tool to deal with these men if they choose to commit wildlife offences with the use of the type of dog involved. I would like to thank the Wildlife Crime Officers involved in bringing this case before the court, the CPS Prosecutors involved and also the court for taking such offences seriously”.

More information about illegal deer poaching:

Poaching is a National Wildlife Crime priority which includes the poaching of deer.

Deer poaching is a problem in many areas across the UK. It can involve extreme cruelty to the deer targeted, especially when dogs are used to chase and drag them down. Many offenders operate across several counties, travelling long distances to target specific locations.

The use of lurcher type dogs features in most poaching offences committed during both the day and night. Poaching activity is a blight on the countryside and many of those involved are linked to other offending. Members of rural communities often feel vulnerable and intimidated by poachers who can be aggressive or offer violence if challenged.

If you witness suspected poaching offences taking place, particularly where lurcher type dogs are being used please report it to the police via 999.

For more about the CBO issued:

The two men were handed a Criminal Behaviour, the terms of which are:

1. Act or encourage others to act in any behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others, anywhere in England and Wales.

2. Enter or be on any private farm land in England and Wales with any Sighthound-Greyhound or lurcher type dog or breed thereof or be in company of other person with any, Sighthound-Greyhound or Lurcher type dog or cross breed thereof without the express written permission of the owner of such land.

3. Enter the Humberside Police area, except for the purposes of travelling to or from,

a) the ferry terminal at Hull to embark or following the disembarkation from a ferry when travelling with pre-booked tickets;

b) Humberside Airport to catch an aeroplane or following return to the airport when travelling with pre-booked tickets; or

c) Any place in the Humberside Police Area, for the purpose of or in connection with his employment, PROVIDED THAT no other person shall be in any vehicle used by him, unless that person is engaged on and travelling to or from the same job for the same employer, PROVIDED ALWAYS that this prohibition shall not prevent him stopping at a petrol service station for the purpose of obtaining fuel for any vehicle.

One Reply to “Men found guilty of illegal deer hunting near Haxey”

  1. Great – now we need to get guilty verdicts on those that get pleasure from chasing one fox with a pack of 40 or so hounds, 20 or so horses and terriers locket in metal trunks.

    It is NOT acceptable to get pleasure from another animals distree.

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