Mendip Farmers Hunt Call In The Thugs

Message from Mendip Hunt Sabs – Mendip Farmers Hunt Call In The Thugs – Boxing Day 2019

This video from Boxing Day is just a brief snapshot of the thuggery employed by the Mendip Farmers Hunt in their desperation to avoid sabs and chase and kill foxes away from scrutiny. These unhinged yes-men have become a recent staple at this waning hunt, persistently damaging vehicles, harassing and threatening sabs on public roads or footpaths, driving recklessly and dangerously, and generally acting violently and aggressively whenever anyone gets close to their animal murdering exploits.

Watch the video clip here

In this particular clip, the sabs had been safely pulled over on a public road for several minutes after hearing the hounds in cry (on the scent of a fox) nearby. After members of the hunt spotted the sab vehicle, one of the red coats was seen using his phone, and shortly after, the rider in front of the vehicle beckons over the overloaded quad bike. The quad thugs try to force the driver to leave the area in a direction away from the hunt. They ram a quad into the rear of the vehicle, damage the wing mirrors, try to open the doors, and repeatedly bang on the windows and body work.

We have experienced this same threatening behaviour countless times in the past few weeks. What are the Mendip Farmers Hunt so desperate to hide, that they resort to sending in the thugs to try to stop sabs?

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