Message from Cheshire Against Blood Sports


8th January 2020

Jake Oppenheim, Cheshire Foxhounds huntsman ….. GUILTY

On the 5th November 2019 Jake Oppenheim the huntsman at the Cheshire Hunt threatened one of our Cabs …… he told her he was going to ram a bottle down her throat, she caught all of this on film.

She has bravely followed the incident up and has been the subject of continued intimidation and provocation from the hunt and the hunting community.

Jake Oppenheim was today given a Community Resolution Order, he admitted threatening her.

If Jake Oppenheim exhibits this behaviour in the future then it will be taken very seriously.

We are very proud of our member for the tenacity she has shown to get this result.

So when the hunt claims we are the ones threatening them, the reality is actually very different.

Over the next few weeks we will be exposing the true reality behind the thuggish behaviour from the Cheshire Hunt.

Clearly Jake has now brought the hunt into disrepute, we wonder if that’s why he is leaving.

Please share this everywhere.


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