Badsworth Hunt Boxing Day – NAMED AND SHAMED

From Sheffield Hunt Sabs

On Boxing Day the Badsworth Hunt, part of the York and Ainsty South/Badsworth and Bramham Moor merger, attacked Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs and West Yorks sabs with a dead fox.

The Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds denied that the people involved were supporters of the hunt.

The following footage exposes the mentality of people who support fox hunting. It also identifies all the supporters involved in the incident and clearly shows them drinking with the main hunt at the Shoulder of Mutton before the meet.

When hunts and their supporters attack us it just makes us more determined to expose them and to ultimately shut them down.

Your donations help us to stay in the field protecting wildlife from persecution, please consider donating here:

Thanks to our keen eyes supporters the individuals involved in the attack on our vehicle with sabs from Sheffield and West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs inside have been identified.

Their details have been passed on to North Yorkshire Police and they are “currently investigating”.

Thank you to a sab comrade of ours who compiled the footage together into this video, it really helped!

Watch the video here –

If you want to continue our efforts to sabotage hunting in the North please do so here:

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