Message from Cheshire Monitors

We are delighted to report that after many, many years, the Cheshire Hunt has been unable to host their traditional Boxing Day hunt meet on Tarporley High Street. This follows a Freedom Of Information request submitted to West Cheshire & Chester Council which revealed that the hunt had none of the required permissions and licenses to hold such an event. (See for full details.)

While it still went ahead, the much-reduced meet was forced to take place in a scrappy piece of private land at the back of Tarporley, with the usual throng of misguided supporters running into just a pitiful few dozen. We can’t stress how damaging and shaming this will be for the Cheshire Hunt, and the nefarious Countryside Alliance who have gone all-out to promote Boxing Day meets this year.

Thank you to everyone who contacted the Council, and to the Council themselves for taking the appropriate action, and all other local groups who have put so much pressure on this hunt. This is another significant step closer towards a real end to fox hunting.

#TheLastCry #BanHuntingForReal

[Thank you Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Cheshire Against Blood Sports who held a demonstration in Tarporley today, and who are currently keeping watch over the hunt during the rest of the meet today as they terrorise wildlife in the surrounding countryside.]

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