East Kent Hunt Saboteurs denied justice after Boxing Day hunt attack in Elham

Message from East Kent Hunt Sabs

Watch the video here – https://www.facebook.com/east.sabs/videos/478256952796083/

We can now release the footage from last year’s Boxing Day, the footage was taken after our annual demonstration against illegal hunting that takes place in the village of Elham.


As our group was about to leave the village in our landrover having just passed on our seasons greetings to our friends who were not coming with us, a hunt supporter (and former East Kent with West Street hunt kennel man), along with his girlfriend (who we believe is the daughter of one of the hunts Masters) passed by our vehicle.

Our windows was banged on as they passed, with insulting hand gestures…..then the man who was known to us walked back to our vehicle, and appeared to try to intimidate a protester outside-this is when the footage starts.

Our driver (who did not attend the demo), got out to check that the protesters outside were okay, this is when he was pushed repeatedly by the hunt supporter. Our driver pushes back in self defence, and is forced out into the road-suddenly a vehicle is seen swerving towards him-the car comes to a stop on the sabs foot, while the hunt supporter continues his aggressive behaviour.

By now the two men are fighting each other, but it is clear who is moving forward and is the aggressor, our driver has nowhere to go, as he is by his own vehicle. The hunt supporter makes no attempt to leave the scene, and it is clear he wants to fight!

The driver of the car then wades in, and now the two men savagely rain blows on our driver, who has covered his head with his arms to protect himself….another protester pushes the older man off, who then punches one of his own side (!) before heading over to try and hit another hunt sab…..seeing what has happened, the sab jumps back to avoid the blow, and the attacker ( who was clearly drunk), falls over!

Meanwhile the other attacker has pushed our driver back into the sab Landrover, and repeatedly slams the door on him……

Fortunately the police were near and step in to help-the police took details and viewed the footage before arresting the main hunt supporter, while the other attacker walks away!

The sabs injuries were so bad that the police thought he had a fractured eye socket, and the police initially made an arrest for attempted GBH-luckily at hospital we discovered that despite his savage beating, no bones were broken, but he was severely bruised, with serious facial injuries.

The police on this occasion were great, and did what most people would expect of them, and we are grateful for their help.

A major police investigation was carried out, which lead to the other hunt supporter being later arrested at home.

The police from our perspective did a good job, and were polite and very helpful to us and we can’t stress that enough.

However, once the CPS got their hands on the evidence, the prospect of a prosecution seemed less likely, and NINE MONTHS later (!) we got the news that the hunt supporters would not be prosecuted!!

The reason appears to be that as our driver defended himself, the hunt supporters may argue self defence for their behaviour!

Well you can decide for yourself as this was the whole footage of the violence, watch it carefully and you will see first attackers girlfriend appear to be enjoying her man fighting!

And watch another hunt supporter seen noshing on a mince pie, while he studies the fighting intently-all clearly immune to violence as if it was a daily occurrence!

The hunt claimed that these people had nothing to do with the hunt, yet those involved were all are family members of one of the East Kent with West Street hunts Masters!

Seems its not what you know-its who you know.


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thanks x

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