Saboteurs claim they saved the life of an otter that was being hunted illegally

1st August 2019

Tense footage shows the moment that hunt saboteurs ‘saved the life’ of what they said was an otter. Although otters were made a protected species more than 40 years ago, the activists claim people are still hunting them illegally.

“An otter was seen… fleeing”

Saboteur groups said they caught the Culmstock Hunt illegally hunting on 27 July on the River Coly, Devon. Uncut video published by Devon County Hunt Saboteurs (DCHS) shows an animal, claimed to be an otter, in the water (from 0:03) that quickly runs away (0:18-0:21). About a minute later, the footage shows hunting hounds following after the animal. Throughout this time, off-screen horn and voice calls can be heard. Severn Vale Hunt Saboteurs, who were present on the day, said:

The Hounds picked up on a scent in the undergrowth of the river bank and an otter was seen by sabs fleeing (see Devon County video) while [huntsman Mickey] Hibberd and whippers in on both sides of the water hunted the hounds on with voice and horn calls.