Please sponsor Steve & Ted! Their story is below

“The annual badger slaughter recommences in September with farmers and contracted killers preparing the Cheshire killing fields in advance of this.

However our badgers do have friends and dedicated badger and other wildlife protectors will once again be out day & night saving lives in all weathers and conditions.

We all know that the slaughter is ineffective and flies in the face of scientific evidence, it is cruel, barbaric and a national disgrace.

As long as this shameful government / NFU extermination programme continues then decent folk will fight it all the way.

So, to carry on this just fight we need to continually raise funds to pay for equipment such as body cameras, field trail cameras well as fuel for vehicles.

To help raise funds to combat this years slaughter Ted and myself are walking through Cheshire from the Staffordshire border up to Manchester over four continuous days. If you are able to donate towards this worthy cause then we would be so grateful and you can rest assured that every penny raised will go towards saving the lives of our iconic badgers.

Thank you in advance.”

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