High Court Judge hosts illegal hunt

Message from Seven Vale Hunt Sabs – www.facebook.com/SevernValeSabs

Three Counties Mink Hounds 22.6.19  on the River Rea between Bayton & Cleobury Mortimer, Worcestershire, Shropshire border.

A tip-off came through that the Three Counties Mink Hounds were near the River Rea on the edge of Shropshire and Worcestershire, so off we went with Bristol Hunt Saboteurs. It turned out that Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs were not a million miles away so we all met up and went to stop the river bank terrorists.

Foot sabs took a footpath towards the river and as we reached the brow of the hill we fortunately saw the hunt below us; hounds and hunt staff trampling both sides of the river bank, these actions cause ecological damage.

Clearly unhappy to be caught doing something illegal, the hunt turned back and head uphill with several sabs in pursuit. We crossed the river and the hunt led us to the 16th Century Reaside Manor Farm where we were ‘greeted’ by the owner who turned out to be High Court Judge of England & Wales, Sir Gerald Barling. Barling told us he’d be taking out legal action on us even though he was allowing illegal activity on his land and he received a little, informative lecture from sabs. If you thought the justice system in the country was corrupt and immoral, you’d be right!

High Court Judge of England & Wales, Sir Gerald Barling
High Court Judge of England & Wales, Sir Gerald Barling
High Court Judge of England & Wales, Sir Gerald Barling
High Court Judge of England & Wales, Sir Gerald Barling

With sabs following, the hunt walked on through the farm and along the track, stopping in the shade for ten minutes. The huntsman half-seriously said they’d been hunting rabbits and that he didn’t know why a terrier man had been present with his spade. The hounds had some affection from sabs and it was noted what terrible condition the pack were in with most having terrible calluses on their leg joints from lying on concrete kennel floors for most of their life. Most hounds had untreated wounds and scars but despite the harsh treatment they receive they were very friendly.

Sabs with the hunt

We continued on to the road and within another ten minutes the hunt were loading the pack into their van to go home.

We believe we stopped animals being killed today, we can only continue with your kind donations. If you can spare a few quid please do: https://ko-fi.com/Q5Q6H4QQ


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