Caths Big 50th Fundraising for Cheshire Hunt Sabs

For my 50th birthday on 4th April I am hoping to raise £50 for Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs.

Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs are a non-profit organisation of individuals who are dedicated to preventing the unlawful hunting of foxes, badgers, hares and other wildlife.

Cheshire is a beautiful county with an abundance of nature. Unfortunately it is also home to various Hunts who continue to break the law by hunting with dogs. Please have a look at Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Facebook page to see more about the work they do and the verbal and physical abuse they experience whilst trying to protect our wildlife from illegal hunting.

For my 50th birthday I would really appreciate a small donation to my fundraising page, rather than cards or presents. I’m aiming to raise a quid for each year of my birthday, so any amount would be very welcome. I will send all the money I receive directly to the Hunt Sabs, to help fund their work by buying a tank of petrol, maintenance for the vans, video and photography equipment to record the activities of the Hunt.

Thank-you x

Cath Porter

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