Manchester Hunt Sabs car rammed by hunt supporters

Original message from Liverpool Hunt Sabs

Today (16th March 2019) we teamed up with Manchester Hunt Sabs, Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs, Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Grove and Rufford who were meeting between Southwell and Kirklington – East of Mansfield.

We were immediately greeted by a friendly bunch filming our van and informing us that if we did anything to interfere with the hunt they would not be held responsible for their actions…

Manchester and Sheffield received an even warmer reception with both having their vehicles rammed and damaged – Manchester’s car (image right) was so badly they had to be towed home. Those responsible hid their reg plates and disappeared before the police arrived. However the police response was disappointing to say the least – including threatening to arrest those who’d had their vehicle intentionally damaged if they didn’t leave the area, while they were still waiting for their recovery vehicle to tow them away!!

Unperturbed, after ensuring our Manchester comrades were safe until help arrived we went on to look for the hunt, and, alerted by a terrified deer running away, soon found the huntsman drawing the hounds through a large area of tall grass where the hounds repeatedly picked up a scent and went in and out of cry with us calling them off until the huntsman moved off.

None of the riders appeared to understand the concept of personal space with sabs having to watch out as they thundered past, later two of our sabs were kicked by riders as they rode past and then a number of riders tried to surround sabs in a thicket using their horses as weapons to push and intimidate sabs. Soon after this we saw another two deer flee to safety and the hunt rode of at speed spending minimal time in the woods they passed through.

Around 4pm we saw the hound van on the move and several riders heading for home indicating that the huntsman after hurrying on away from us had decided to call it a day. However the day was not quite over with a suspected dig out to investigate. Support vehicles repeatedly tried to intimidate sabs from going into the suspect area but while they felt brave in their vehicles they were heavily outnumbered on foot and we had no problem getting past them and ascertaining that there was nothing that required us to intervene at that time so we headed for home – a long way so apologies for the late write up.

Please donate to Manchester Hunt Sabs to help get them back on the road. Ko-Fi:

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We would like to dedicate today to our friend and comrade Juliette, a friend of Liverpool Hunt Sabs for many years and a valiant warrior for animals people and the environment. We knew Juliette through animal rights, anti capitalist, social justice and environmental demonstrations and struggles as well as sabbing the badger cull during the Krebs trial. Juliette was inspired by the Zapatistas in Mexico whom she visited, and became committed to Latin American solidarity spending many years in Guatemala as co-ordinator of a language school for human rights activists where she also managed to rescue and look after a number of four legged companions along side the many other demands on her time. Juliette was recently doing her Phd supporting women who took the Guatemalan military to court for sexual war crimes, enduring a trial which was ultimately successful. Despite carrying the weight of such horrors on her shoulders Juliette was a joyful person who was a pleasure to be around. We were deeply saddened to hear of Juliette’s passing this week, she will be sorely missed by all who knew her from around the world.

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