Cheshire Police …. Sleeping With the Enemy?

From Cheshire Against Blood Sports21st Jan 2019·

Cheshire Police …. Sleeping With the Enemy?

There is no justice just us is the sab’s lament, and sadly it is based on long and bitter experience of the biased and seemingly corrupt criminal justice system of this benighted country.

Andrew German of the Cheshire Forest Hunt seems to benefit considerably from the operation of the local justice system. Not only did he escape prosecution under the Hunting Act for his kill on Boxing Day 2017, but now we have heard that Cheshire Constabulary say there is insufficient evidence to bring him to justice after he was filmed by THREE SEPARATE WITNESSES, whipping a Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs colleague in December, a video of which went viral around the world. (see link below)

We are saddened and devastated by the gross injustice this displays, and it has obviously shattered any residual faith or confidence in Cheshire Police and the CPS. But now at least we all know where we stand.

German’s support have often told us he is legally untouchable, and to quote one “you should have figured out why by now”.

Needless to say we shall not be deterred from continuing our efforts to put an end to the illegal hunting and killing of foxes in Cheshire, with or without the assistance of the supposedly impartial forces of law, order and what currently passes for justice in our county.

To our colleagues in Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, we stand with you, shoulder to shoulder in the face of this monumental injustice. We wish to thank the public for the huge outpouring of support without which this case would probably not have been investigated.

Please let Cheshire Police know your feelings about this, and ask how can we ever have faith in the police or the justice system when decisions like this are taken?

Foxes, Monitors and Sabs are all fair game to the hunt, we should never have expected anything less.

Laura Smith MP
Mike Amesbury MP
Chris Matheson – Chester MP
Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire
Justin Madders for Ellesmere Port & Neston

If you would like to help keep us out in the fields please consider buying us a “Kofi –


North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230

You can also donate via the link above
Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


2 Replies to “Cheshire Police …. Sleeping With the Enemy?”

  1. I will write to keane and the mps listed to ask the usual question why?

    Do u know date and venue of keanes public mtg next month to discuss hunting in Cheshire?

    When you do please spread it far and wide

    I have got to read the 57 page Cheshire police report November 2018 on hunting in Cheshire – and see if there is anything there we didn’t already know

    Thank you for all you do

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