Shocking moment ‘pro-hunt supporters’ with pool cues attack hunt sabs

Shocking moment ‘pro-hunt supporters’ with pool cues attack van of animal rights activists in pub car park before masked man punches windscreen and tries to rip off wiper

  • Anti-hunt saboteurs claim they were attacked by pro-hunt fans in Cheshire
  • Several groups of activists were meeting at a pub in Onneley, Cheshire
  • They claim their vehicle was damaged by people they claim support hunting
  • Local police confirmed they are investigating Saturday’s alleged incident


8 January 2019

This is the shocking moment allegedly showing a group of pro-hunt supporters attacking a van full of animal rights activists after they spotted them pulling into a pub car park on their way home from disrupting a meet.

A masked man was seen leaping onto the bonnet of the vehicle and thrusting his palm against the windscreen then ripping off a wiper after the hunt saboteurs were cornered outside a Cheshire pub.

Another man was also caught on camera hitting the van with a pool cue before the driver managed to reverse clear and escape through the rear exit of the Wheatsheaf Inn in Onneley, Cheshire.

Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs claim they were regrouping with other teams when they were targeted by ‘frustrated’ supporters of the North Staffordshire Hunt on Saturday afternoon – after their protest had forced them to pack up and leave early.

Staffordshire Police said its officers were called to the scene but no arrests were made and enquiries are ‘ongoing’.

Footage released by the hunt saboteurs shows several people standing in front of a van, blocking it from leaving.

A man wearing a baseball cap appears to threaten the occupants with a pool cue, as they shout: ‘Oi, you’re on camera.’

A woman in a red hoodie jabs her finger at the sabs and says: ‘Dirty f****** scum, you’re not going nowhere.’

A man inside the van can be heard desperately calling police for help and tells the operator they are being boxed in by hunt supporters wielding pool cues.

As they back up, a masked man suddenly jumps on the bonnet and thumps the windscreen with his palm but fails to break the glass.

He tears off a windscreen wiper and throws it to the ground as the man in the cap hits out at the vehicle with his cue.

More loud thuds are heard as the driver manages to quickly manoeuvre and accelerates away through the other exit.

A second clip also shows the masked man sprinting after another sab van as it too makes a hasty getaway.

A second video shows the same incident from a different angle

In a statement, Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs said: ‘During a post-sab rendezvous at a local pub members of Sheffield, West Yorkshire, Liverpool and Manchester hunt sab teams were subject to an unprovoked attack by hunt thugs wielding pool cues, threatening sabs, damaging a vehicle and attempting to smash one group’s windscreen.

‘The individuals involved had been seen following the hunt and had behaved in a threatening manner throughout the day – a clear indication of how frustrated the North Staffordshire Hunt was at packing up early.’

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: ‘Officers were called to the Wheatsheaf Inn on Bar Hill Road, Onneley, at around 3.30pm on Saturday following reports of an altercation between a large group of people on the pub car park. A vehicle was also reportedly damaged during the incident. ‘No arrests have been made regarding the incident and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Staffordshire Police on 101 quoting incident 434 of January 5.’

The hunt said in a statement: ‘The North Staffordshire Hunt had finished their legal hunting activities for the day and their members had left the area where any incident was alleged to have taken place on Saturday, January 5.

‘The hunt does not condone any form of violence, even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment, malicious trespass and other offences. However, with the constant intimidation and harassment from balaclava-clad animal rights activists to hunt supporters and landowners, it is unsurprising that ordinary members of the public might react in this way to being filmed.’

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230

You can also donate via the link above
Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


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