Badger Baiters – D

Name – Daley Peter

Address – 53 Clydesdale Road, Appleton, Warrington

Due to appear in court 26/9/87

Fine – ?

Magistrates – Warrington

Age/D.O.B – 26

Also charged – Stephen Rawlings, John Brocklehurst and Allen Harrison

Notes – Charged with attempting to kill, injure or take a badger.

Name – Dalton Andrew

Address – Ashwell Avenue, Greatfield Estate, Hull

Convicted – ?

Fine – £300 and £300 costs

Magistrates – Pocklington

Age/D.O.B – 20

Also convicted – John Fairburn and Martin Murray

Notes – All found guilty of digging for badgers and attempting to kill a badger. They said they were looking for foxes. Dalton also has another conviction for cruelty to a dog 22/1/93.

Name – Dalton Andrew

Address – Ashwell Avenue, Greatfield Estate, Hull

Convicted – 22/1/93

Fine – 2 months

Magistrates – Hull

Age/D.O.B – 21

Also convicted – Alone

Notes – Found guilty of cruelty to a dog, by failing to treat infected wounds after it had been fighting with a fox. Banned from keeping dogs for a year. Dalton also has previous convictions for badger offences. Defended by Patrick Whur. Dalton was also found guilty of using a forged insurance certificate, no tax disc and damaging a seat and a glass window, he was given 14 days. Already serving in young offenders institute.

Name – Daniels Paul

Address – Marshall Crescent, Merthyr

Convicted – August 1986

Fine – ?

Magistrates – ?

Age/D.O.B –

Also convicted – Andrew Evans & Paul Phillips

Notes –

Name – Dann Phillip

Address – 94 Alexander Road, Mutley, Plymouth or Buller Road, Turpoint, Cornwall

Convicted – 9/1/86

Fine – £150 and £200 costs

Magistrates – Taunton

Age/D.O.B – 19

Also convicted – Christopher Newton, Paul Murray and Christopher Lewis

Notes – Newton was fined £500 because of a previous 8 convictions of badger digging in 1981, and was then fined £1,086. In his own written records seized by police showed that in 1981 alone he had killed 48 foxes, 11 badgers, 13 hares and 2 deer. He had killed 70 badgers altogether at the time of his arrest.

Name – Davies Neville Howard

Address – Pen-y-Dre, Swansea Valley

In court 23/7/86

Not guilty

Magistrates – Ammanford

Age/D.O.B – 26

Also charged – Mark Nettle and Alan Farthing

Notes – Nettle and Farthing also cleared of dog fighting

Name – Davies Peter

Address – 48 Marl Road, Aintree, Liverpool

Convicted – 25/8/87

Fine – £500 and £45 costs

Magistrates – Flint

Age/D.O.B – 11/4/66

Also convicted – Ian Smith and John Colleran

Notes –

Name – Davies Sean

Address – Hartsfield Road, Hartshorne, Burton-on-Trent

Convicted – 29/4/88

Fine – £1000

Magistrates – Derby

Age/D.O.B – 23

Also convicted – Neil Hardwick, Simon Holt, Michael Holland and Andrew Hallifield

Notes – Davies and Holland have other convictions for badger offence. (16/2/89) They were all caught 1/1/88. They said they were after foxes and badgers.

Name – Davies Sean Kevin

Address – Hartshill Road, Hartshorne, Burton-on-Trent

Convicted – 16/2/89

Fine – £500 (£250 for each offence) and £100 costs

Magistrates – Coalville

Age/D.O.B – 23

Also convicted – Martin Burgess, Michael Holland, Ivor Harrison and Stephen Holland

Notes – Caught 3/4/88. All found guilty of attempting to take a badger and digging for a badger. They all said they were after foxes

Name – Davies Wayne

Address – North Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield

Convicted – 25/8/87

Fine – £400 and £15 costs

Magistrates – Wetherby

Age/D.O.B – Born 1966

Also convicted – Nigel Owen, Andrew Greyston and Mark Eyles

Notes –

Name – Day Colin John

Address – 38 Brynwern, Pontypool

Convicted – 16/4/90

Fine – £50

Magistrates – Usk

Age/D.O.B – Born 1961

Also convicted – David Perry and Mark Walker

Notes –

Name – Dean Michael

Address – Manor Road, Chadwell Heath

Convicted – 16/11/88

Fine – £400 and £20 costs

Magistrates – Rochford

Age/D.O.B – 23

Also convicted – Martin Mackay and Alan Johnson

Notes – Claimed they were looking for foxes. Found guilty of attempting to kill, injure or take a badger. Dean and Johnson were also convicted of cruelty to their dogs, they were banned from keeping dogs for 5 years.

Name – Delaney Anthony

Address – Lytchet Way, Enfield

Convicted – 5/5/93

Fine – 150 hours community service and £300 costs

Magistrates – Colchester

Age/D.O.B – 27

Also convicted – Michael Taylor

Notes – Caught 17/5/92. Both admitted interfering with a badger sett.

Name – Dewhurst William Harold

Address – Chapel Street, Oswaldtwistle

Convicted – ?

Fine – £10 and £2 costs

Magistrates – Knutsford

Age/D.O.B –

Also convicted – James Swindlehurst, Kevin Barski, William Addison and Anthony Latham

Notes – The police stopped a car on the M6 at Bexton and found two badgers and eight dogs inside. They were all found guilty of having live badgers in their possession. They said they had been fox hunting in the Staffordshire area.

Name – Dibble Rodney

Address – 2 East End, Garton-on-the-Wolds, Driffield. YO25 0EP

Convicted -19/1/94

Fine – 2 months

Magistrates – Worthing

Age/D.O.B – 33

Also convicted – Philip Marshall and Stephen Hickson

Notes – Found guilty of digging for badgers and aiding and abetting the wilful killing of badgers.

Name – Dickinson Edwin Russell (Terrierman for the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds)

Address – Town Head Road, Cotehill, Carlisle

Convicted – 9/8/96

Fine – £150 and £250 costs

Magistrates – Penrith

Age/D.O.B – 38

Also convicted – Peter McColgan

Notes – Found guilty of interfering with a badger sett by causing a dog to enter it, McColgan was guilty of aiding and abetting Dickinson in interfering with a badger sett by causing a dog to enter the sett. Caught on 6/12/95 when the Cumberland Farmers were out hunting near Penrith when McColgan found that a fox had gone down a hole, he then called over Dickinson. Both men admitted in interviews that they had put a terrier down but said the contentious issue was whether they were signs of the sett being an active one. Both defended by Brian Mark Q.C. Both cleared at Carlisle Crown Court on 6/2/97

Name – Dixon Andrew

Address – Hartfield Road, Blacon, Chester

Convicted – 16/8/90

Fine – £200 and £50 costs

Magistrates – Wrexham

Age/D.O.B – 25

Also convicted – Darren Hickey

Notes – Defending Dixon, Mr Steven Everett claimed they were out looking for rabbits. Found guilty of attempting to take a badger and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.

Name – Dixon Nicolas

Address – 75 Edward Street, Audenshaw, Manchester

Convicted – 3/7/96 back 9/8/96 for sentence

Fine – 150 community service and £100 costs

Magistrates – Macclesfield

Age/D.O.B – 22

Also convicted – Mark Pavitt and Andrew Conboy

Notes – All admitted to interfering with a badger sett on 18/12/95 at woods behind the prison. A charge of causing cruelty to a dog was dropped. The three were all found near the sett by the police, the sett entrance was covered by a net, they also claimed they were after foxes.

Name – Doey Peter

Address – St Georges Quay, Lancaster

Convicted – In court 25/8/83

Fine – £80 and £20 costs

Magistrates – Appleby

Age/D.O.B – 18

Also convicted – Andrew Cutherbertson and James Ellison

Notes – Caught 16/5/83. Found guilty of unlawfully digging for badgers.

Name – Dogrell Philip Joseph (Former Master of South & West Wilts Hunt)

Address – Benjafield Farm, Milton-on-Stour

Convicted – 25/10/93

Fine – £700 and £125 costs

Magistrates – Gillingham

Age/D.O.B – 54

Also convicted – Alone

Notes – He sprayed slurry over a badger sett covering it in an inch thick layer, said he was unaware of the sett.

Name – Doyle Donnacha

Address – Benamore, Roscrea

Convicted – 25/5/01

Fine – £1000

Magistrates – Roscrea District Court, Co Tipperary

Age/D.O.B – 19

Also convicted – Keith Murry

Notes – On 24/5/01 at Roscrea District Court Co Tipperary the judge adjourned sentencing in the case of two men convicted of badger baiting offences. Donnacha Doyle (19) of Benamore, Roscrea and Keith Murray (21) of Golden Grove, Roscrea Co.Tipperary will now face sentencing on the 26/5/01 at Roscrea District Court. They were both ordered to pay a total of £1,000 to be divided equally between Badger Watch Ireland and the ISPCA. They faced charges of interfering with a badger sett and baiting a badger with terriers. The court heard how a gang of four, two of whom were fourteen years of age, were seen walking away from a badger sett and it was noted that one of their terriers was bleeding and had a gash between its eyes and nose. There was evidence that the sett had been dug into and both defendants told the local rangers that they couldn’t get down the full distance into it because of stones and rocks. They told the ranger that the terrier had attacked a badger in the sett. They were not able to provide the ranger with any excuse for their actions. However in court, their solicitor said that they were “hunting rabbits” and one of their dogs went into a hole. The judge said she couldn’t believe the defendants’ story and convicted them, saying “I have no doubt in my mind that they were badger baiting”.

Name – Drummond John (Gamekeeper)

Address – Old Park Farmhouse, Grange-Over-Sands

Convicted – 11/6/99 sentenced on 12/7/99

Fine – 3 months

Magistrates – Kendal

Age/D.O.B – 32

Also convicted –

Notes – The South Lakes Badger Protection group called in the RSPCA when he found dead badger carcasses and illegal locking snares on the Holker Hall estate of Lord Cavendish, near Cark-in-Cartmel. A covert operation was set up by the RSPB in response finding a cage trap. It ultimately led to the discovery of two dead badgers though fifteen were believed to have been killed in the preliminary investigation in 1998. One was found hanging over the edge of a limestone outcrop where it had asphyxiated after dragging a snare for 30 yards. Badger bones and skulls were scattered around the area and a dead buzzard was found hidden in a hole. On 11/6/99 John Drummond who is the Head Gamekeeper for the estate was found guilty on 46 out of 65 charges under the Protection of Badgers Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Acts. Drummond was found guilty of willfully killing two badgers, willfully taking one badger and cruelly mistreating all three. On 12/7/99 Drummond was jailed for three months.

Name – Dry Edward

Address – Hatton Road, Chester

Convicted – 4/11/77

Fine – £5

Magistrates – Chester

Age/D.O.B – 21

Also convicted – John Jackson and Robert Britnall

Notes – Found guilty of digging for a badger.

Name – Dugdale Paul

Address – Threefields, Tanterton, Preston

Convicted – In court 28/8 then appealed

Fine – £100 and £14 costs at appeal this was dropped to a 12 month conditional discharge

Magistrates – Preston then Preston Crown Court

Age/D.O.B – 31

Also convicted –

Notes – He was found guilty of illegal possession of a badger. Dugdale said he was out killing vermin at the Preston rugby club when he came across these two dead badgers. He then took them to a taxidermist to be stuffed, but there was nobody in. Mr Tim White defended. At Crown Court the judge was David Pirie.

Name – Duncan Jeffrey

Address – Corcrain Drive, Portadown

Convicted – 28/1/89

Fine – 6 months and £50 fine

Magistrates – Craigavon

Age/D.O.B – 23

Also convicted – Edward Murry, Peter and Colin Gorman

Notes – All four banned from having any animal for life. All found guilty of seven charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a badger and ill-treated three Staffordshire bull terriers, two Jack Russell’s and a wire haired terrier. Mr Hugo Marley defended all four.

Name – Durham Gerald (painter)

Address – Springfield Road, Mawdy

Convicted – 1986

Fine – £200 and £60 costs and a further £100 at the appeal

Magistrates – Narberth and Carmarthern

Age/D.O.B – 22

Also convicted – Nigel Griffiths, Michael Lane, Paul Rees and Carl Casey

Notes – All found guilty of attempting to take a badger. Mr Leighton Davies defended them all.


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