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On October 21st 2017, Cheshire Monitors filmed what they (and Cheshire Police) believed to be clear evidence of illegal hunting in the village of Tiverton in Cheshire; in this instance, cub hunting.

The video evidence Cheshire Police submitted to the CPS included two clips from two different cameras by two separate monitors. The film we are publishing today is a compilation of that evidence plus supporting footage from additional cameras from other members of our team.

Remember that the hunting season doesn’t officially start until November each year and this hunt claim to only be ‘exercising hounds’ at this time; they couldn’t even get away with hiding behind the lie that is so-called trail hunting.

Once again the monitors involved put in a lot of their volunteer time on this case and Cheshire Police spent many hours putting this case together (as they did last year on our case against the Cheshire Forest Hunt that was also dropped by the CPS, see

However, yet again the CPS felt that they couldn’t progress this case to court within the confines of the weak and pretty useless Hunting Act, specifically issues with identifying hunt staff. And people wonder why there is a growing battle in the countryside between August and April during the hunting season.

Appeal: Since receiving notification that this case was to go no further we have been working closely with Outpaced on an appeal to the CPS with regards to the main point brought up which was ID of the huntsman. This appeal relied on the fact that when hunts are a limited company there should be no issue with ID of hunt staff, but due to the time it’s taken to get a decision from the CPS we ran out of time. This is something we have come up against with the CPS before, who allow cases to ‘expire’.

However, a spokesperson for Outpaced says: “What the CPS have given us is a very interesting angle to explore through the summer. Other cases talk about a director being engaged in the act and it seems surely reasonable to be considered engaged if riding with a hunt that kills, or indeed simply hunts. It seems equally clear that such an act falls into connivance, consent or neglect. It does seem very worth pursuing and we will certainly get advice as to putting all hunt directors on notice in writing for next season”

We would like to express our thanks to Outpaced for giving up their time to help us with this point of attack because it could help all groups nationally who are opposed to hunting eventually.


We all talk about how the Hunting Act is the source of all our problems, with getting cases through the courts with just outcomes, and have decided to show you how the Act should be changed.

We have joined together with POWA (Protect Our Wild Animals) who have given us permission to share this document which lays out exactly what needs to change:

We all must stand up to these criminals and those in government that protect them.

We will be soon posting a comprehensive guide to help you confront illegal hunting in your area. Watch this space!


Also available on YouTube:

Useful links:…/

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230

You can also donate via the link above
Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


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