From North Downs Hunt Sabs

A dramatic and violent day at the Surrey Union Foxhunt on Tuesday 13-3-18 ended with the red-coated whipper-in Rob Mardles being arrested for assaulting a female hunt saboteur in her fifties and spitting on her in a vile and disgusting attack which happened near Shackleford,Surrey.

The saboteur was also arrested following counter allegations but after she was pushed into a ditch by hunt riders she was taken to Guildford A&E and is now in a wheelchair with a badly injured back and will be kept in overnight it’s rather obvious what happened .

This followed a day of constant illegal hunting from a visiting pack, with foxes saved by spraying citronella to cover their tracks by saboteurs from the Guildford and North Downs group . At least four deer were also seen fleeing the hunts hounds and the hunt riders also constantly rode into saboteurs throughout the day.

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230

You can also donate via the link above
Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


2 Replies to “From North Downs Hunt Sabs”

  1. Well done sabs! Woodland lives were again saved thanks to your efforts. I look forward to seeing that red-coated spacewaste in court. If he was a football fan, he would have been jailed for exactly the same offence.

  2. Excellent sabbing, as usual.
    Please keep us informed about the condition of the brave female sab, and give her my best wishes and gratitude for her bravery.

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