Animal shelter responds following incursion by hunt on its land

An animal shelter near Shepton Mallet has responded following an incursion on its land by a hunt.

Happy Landings Animal Shelter issued a statement on social media saying that it was "appalled" by the fact that a hunt had "come onto our land".

The shelter has also said that one of its rescue dogs who came into contact with the hounds and a man on a quad bike was "terrified" by the experience.

According to a member of staff at the shelter, the hunt came onto the shelter’s land around midday today (October 30).

The statement said: "If you agree with the hunt or not is a separate matter. But we are appalled by the fact that the hunt has just come onto our land and in our dog exercise paddock, not just hounds but a guy on a quad bike and then terrified one of our rescues who was out walking, to the point it had to be carried due to trying to slip its lead. This is totally unacceptable and there was no control at all over the hounds!

"Happy landings works tirelessly to rehab animals and if you are part of the hunt or know someone who is, have the decency to stay away from the centre and the animals who see it as their refuge!"

An image seen by Somerset Live appears to show a hound standing in the middle of the A37.

It is not yet know which hunt was in the area at the time of the incident.

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One Reply to “Animal shelter responds following incursion by hunt on its land”

  1. Dear NWHS
    I just wanted to let you know how much your blogs are appreciated by me. I pass them on to my friends emails, on facebook and to the wildlife groups and pages that I admin.
    I have the greatest respect for all the hunt sab/badger pixies who give their free time to save and protect native wildlife, who have as much right to live peacefully as do humans. I’m a long term, paid up member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association but at nearly 80 years of age, I am reliant for the most part on my State Pension, although I do earn a tiny top-up from a small business that I run. I have had surgery and follow-on treatment for both breast and skin cancer this year, which has curtailed my earning potential. However, I will donate a small amount – you deserve more.

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