Appeal for info – can you help?

On the morning of Wednesday 25th October this fox was found killed and disembowelled in the garden of a private house a short distance from the village of Kelsall.

On the same morning the Cheshire Forest Hunt were “riding out in the area” (their words) and were seen on the road outside the house where this terrible act took place, by a number of local people passing by.

The Cheshire Forest Hunt have denied hunting on that day, claiming to be merely “exercising hounds” at this time of year. This is despite the fact they were seen being accompanied by a quad bike carrying cages containing terriers, commonly used when hunting foxes.

When contacted, Cheshire Police told locals that this was a civil case of trespass, so we are doing our best to encourage them to investigate further.

The Cheshire Forest Hunt were famously witnessed hunting and killing a fox in a housing estate in Macclesfield in February of this year, which hit the headlines. Sadly this, plus a second case against them from January, were both controversially dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Did you witness the hunt in Kelsall on the morning of the 25th? If so, please get in touch – via email info

The above appeal is from Cheshire Monitors –

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230
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You can also donate using the link on our web page –

Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


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