Avon Vale Hunt deny hounds entered gardens (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

Avon Vale Hunt deny hounds entered gardens

THE Avon Vale Hunt has denied reports that a pack of their hounds entered people’s gardens where a fox was killed.

The Wiltshire Times received a complaint from Wiltshire residents that hounds belonging to a hunt had entered their gardens last Thursday (January 19) where the animal was killed.

Joint hunt master Mike Smith from Avon Vale Hunt said: “They may have got close to someone’s garden but I don’t know of any actually going on to people’s land.

“We actually started in Brokerswood and went all around that area near the back of Trowbridge and towards Westbury.

“Everywhere we go we make sure we have permission and we must have gone through six different farmers’ land.

“I can’t categorically deny it didn’t happen but as far as I’m aware they haven’t been in anybody’s garden.

“Obviously we would apologise if they got onto someone’s land that they shouldn’t have.”

Did you see anything regarding this last Thursday? If so, email smackley or call 01249 773642.


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2 Replies to “Avon Vale Hunt deny hounds entered gardens (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)”

  1. Well, they would, wouldn’t they! Just as the National just never sees or hears of any wrongdoing by the hunts. Load of evil bastards.

  2. I just hope that huge numbers of people use the phone number provided to confirm that this hunt, in fact, did trespass on their gardens. This isn’t the first time the Avonvale Hunt has entered people’s gardens to pursue to the death a single unfortunate fox. They call it a sport but how can they claim that 30 or so, individuals on horses and a pack of 40 dogs, bred for stamina and speed, chasing a small wild creature that can only run at speed for very short period, is anything other than animal abuse.
    In any case it’s a criminal act; the Hunting Act 2004, made it so.

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