Hunt invades garden and kills fox

Yesterday at least 23 hounds charged over fences, fields and hedges and came into our and next door’s garden (photo attached). They cornered and killed the dear, petrified fox outside our neighbour’s patio window. We were frightened, sickened and deeply saddened. My husband and neighbour later laid the fox to rest. I dread to think what might have been if our dog, children or small pets were in the garden at the time. Not only the worst possible outcome for the fox but also a total violation of our right to having a safe, private garden. Police informed and letters of complaint written to the Avon Vale Hunt. Keep the Ban.

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27 Replies to “Hunt invades garden and kills fox”

  1. You should have kept the body and complained to the police..yo were witnesses to illegal activity! Poor fox and poor you..I’d hate to see such a barbaric thing! πŸ˜“

  2. The sheer arrogance of these hunts defies belief !! They don’t care what they do or which laws they flout as long as their blood lust is sated !!
    So sorry for the poor persecuted fox and the people this atrocity was forced upon !!
    It’s high time the police upheld the law instead of protecting the hunts 😑😑

  3. I HaTe these in Humane Scum Calling This A Game,,,,Killing OuR Lovely
    WildLife. I would Love tu Reverse the Game ON Them…..
    Wicked Beyond Belief,
    Praying that it All STops
    With Love xxx

  4. I hate all hunters…unless your living off the grid… stores around and that’s your only
    means of a meal……cruelty, barbaric…non-humans do these acts…..FxxK their
    tradititions……Its totally unnessasary……UNNACEPTABLE…..brutal killers……that’s all
    they are………..Karma’s a bitch……!!

  5. It sounds like you have a good case for a claim against their public liability insurance (assuming they have this in place) for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, once their insures start getting hit with claims like that they’ll soon either withdraw cover or raise the premiums to such a level the arseholes won’t be able to pay it.

    1. The hunt will probably do what they do by us,send some very apologetic hat doffing representatives to offer them a very good financial settlement with agreement not to talk to press

  6. Disgraceful scene,there could have been small children in that garden,they seem to have no control over the dogs,and could not care less about the damage, and the killing of a fox in a garden is disgusting,people do not wanr to see a fox torn apart in their own garden.

  7. This is disgusting behaviour. Why are these people permitted to run rough shod over our otherwise peaceful way of life. Even if this wasn’t illegal, it should be, but the fact that the police never seem to do anything about it, just astonishes me.
    It seems that we have become as corrupt as any other third world nation now. Our taxes are being spent to preserve the perverted actions of rich bullies.

  8. How can these scum bags get away with it. If my dogs was running around trying to kill I’d have the dick heads in uniform on my door so why ain’t these scum of the earth getting prosecuted and dogs being put down

  9. I agree, it is time to ban hunting in any region occupied by people and pets and businesses. I would be quite disturbed if hunting dogs invaded my property and did any sort of damage, much less kill another animal in my yard and left the corpse for me to deal with. This “sport” is out of control and someone will be hurt inevitably. The law must be applied here, trespassing charges at the least and in our state if your dog gets away from you and causes harm, the victims can seek recompense in court.

    1. It’s not the hounds fault, They only do what their trained to do by as always despicable humans.Hounds are gentle natured dogs. But Humans get them in a frenzy and the same as any dog when their in a pack they will hunt.Shoot the humans not the hounds…or let the huntmaster be hunted and the peple that hired him. see how they like being ripped apart….only use pit bulls instead. A hound would proberly lick them to death.!

    2. The hounds are trained from pups to hunt. They start them on fox cubs In the autumn. Dogs that don’t perform the way they want end up dead themselves ,shot by these bastards & dumped into metal bins. These scum don’t care about ANY animal,they have one thing in mind & that is to have their blood lust sated.

  10. If these barbaric people are given permission to trail the scent why are the dogs not muzzled so there could be no ‘mistakes’.
    They take us all for fools.

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