Easton Harriers – 31st December 2016
Meet – Butley, Suffolk

Norfolk & Suffolk Sabs paid a visit to the Easton Harriers today and were witness to yet another hare kill by this hunt. The kill was horrific. There was no quick nip to the back of the neck. We will release a full report, footage and further photos in due course. This is the fifth hare kill that we have witnessed this year by the Easton Harriers. This hunt is clearly not hunting within the law. The response from the Police Officers present today was to once again tell us to call 101.

Many many thanks to the Suffolk & Essex Sabs, South Cambs Sabs and the Cambs Sabs for joining us today.

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One Reply to “Very sad end to the year – WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PHOTOS ATTACHED”

  1. Total bastards. So very frustrating to know that they are free to do whatever they want to the animals they hunt because the bloody police are evil, useless lackies.

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